Holiday farm and services

Hospitality at our holiday farm at San Gimignano

Wi-Fi is free of charge and available throughout the grounds

Holiday farm with 5 BEDROOMS, each with private bath that sleeps a total of 14 guests. One room is equipped to meet the needs of disabled people. Rooms feature heating and air-conditioning.

San Gimignano Agriturismo
San Gimignano Agriturismo


A spacious dining room that can host up to 35 guests is located on the ground floor. Guests share their meal at one single table as the peasant tradition dictates.


We offer a full sweet-and-savoury-buffet breakfast every morning. Half-board accommodations are also available. There is a pool, a spacious solarium area and a playground for children.

San Gimignano Agriturismo
San Gimignano Agriturismo


Your small pets are welcome. There is also a special Camper parking area available, the host farm service called "Fattore AMICO" (

A Casa di Dona has been open since 2000 and closes annually from 10 to 30 January. The owner Donatella’s home is located on the ground floor.
This holiday farm is not a typical country inn like so many of the other facilities located in the area. There are no strangers or employees to greet our guests. No strangers are working at the pool, in the garden or cleaning the bedrooms. The owner takes care of everything for you!
My holiday farm is open especially for people who want to spend a vacation in Tuscany in close contact with farming activities and under the hallmark of the following slogans:

"WITH MY ANIMALS" all pets are welcome here (people who don’t like animals are not welcome at our facility!!!)
"FAMILY STYLE" the environment is cosy and ideal for making new friends and getting to know our other guests. You can spend hours having fun and being carefree. Just like you would in your own home.
"HOME-STYLE CUISINE" our guests sit around a single table (instead of at individual tables like in other restaurants!!!) and savour the ancient recipes and typical dishes found in Tuscan tradition.


A tour of the vineyards and wine cellar
agriturismo san gimignano
Wine and oil sample sessions
agriturismo san gimignano
Fishing in the Elsa River located 3 kilometres from the holiday farm
agriturismo san gimignano
Walks and runs along the Via Francigena
Cooking classes (for children and adults)
agriturismo san gimignano
Bicycle and walking tours can also be organised
farm holiday san gimignano

Loc. San Benedetto 17b - 53037 San Gimignano (SI) - Italy
Tel./ Fax 0039 0577 944406 - Cell. 0039 347 7043536